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Teaching Materials for Social Problems: An Advocate Group Approach by Sara Towe Horsfall

Social Problems represents a truly innovative and empowering approach to social problems. Instead of focusing solely on a seemingly tireless list of major problems, Sara Towe Horsfall considers how select key issues can be solved and pays particular attention to the advocate groups already on the front lines. Horsfall first provides a robust theoretical foundation to the study of social problems before moving on to the problems themselves, examining each through the lens of specific advocate groups working towards solutions. This concise and accessible text also incorporates useful learning tools including study questions to help reinforce reading comprehension, questions for further thought to encourage critical thinking and classroom discussion, a glossary of key terms, and a worksheet for researching advocate groups. Social Problems: An Advocate Group Approach is an essential resource for social problems courses and for anyone who is inspired to effect change.

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There are several things that are very difficult for students to identify and understand when analyzing social problems and advocate groups. Below, please find the Social Problems Analysis Worksheet (Appendix 1 in the book), which was created to help students address and understand these issues.

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Individual Worksheet files

Social Problems Analysis Worksheet: Note to Instructors

Social Problems Analysis Worksheet: Directions for Students

Social Problems Analysis Worksheet: Blank

Social Problems Analysis Worksheet: Student Example

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