Presidency & Legislative Studies

Presidential Power: Theories and Dilemmas

John P. Burke

A broad and comprehensive analysis of the theories of presidential power, from early notions of presidential power and Neustadt’s “power to persuade” theory, to Kernell’s concept of “going public,” and theories of “historical time” and “internal time.”

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A Presidential Nation

Michael A. Genovese

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An engaging investigation of how the presidency has changed from its original role, as laid out in the U.S. Constitution, to become closer in power to an imperial monarch

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Congress in Context

John Haskell, Sara Grove, Marian Currinder

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A comprehensive and student-friendly introduction to Congress that uses “Congress as board of directors” as an overarching theme to explain Congress’s roles and functions within the interdependent system of the US government

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Andrew J. Taylor

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An innovative examination of Congress’ performance, using benchmarks and aspirations to assess whether or not it can be considered a successful legislative body

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The Congressional Experience

David E. Price

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Congressman David Price proves he is uniquely qualified to guide us through the labyrinth of rules, roles, and representatives that is Congress.

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Interest Groups and Lobbying

Thomas T. Holyoke

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An examination of interest group politics, lobbying, and their role in the political decision-making process

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The Parties Respond

Mark Brewer, L. Sandy Maisel

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As a survey of the most current and significant issues affecting party politics in the United States, The Parties Respond has become a standard for reference and college course use.

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