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American Government
Key Political Science Titles
Public Policy and Public Administration
Inequality in America
Theories of the Policy Process
International Studies
International Human Rights
"Can We All Get Along?"
Africa in World Politics
Women’s Movements in the Global Era
Women and Politics
The Public Policy Theory Primer
The United Nations and Changing World Politics
The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Global Environmental Politics
The European Union
American Constitutional Law, Volume II
American Constitutional Law, Volume I
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Exam & Desk Copies

Westview Press offers complimentary exam copies to qualified instructors—they can be ordered on an individual title’s book detail page.

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Political Advertising in the United States

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Political advertising is as important as ever—ad spending records are broken each election cycle, and the volume of ads aired continues to increase. Political Advertising in the United States is a comprehensive survey of the political advertising landscape and its influence on voters. The authors, co-directors of the Wesleyan Media Project, draw from the latest data to analyze how campaign finance laws have affected the sponsorship and content of political advertising, how “big data” has allowed for more sophisticated targeting, and how the Internet and social media has changed the distribution of ads. Learn more.

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Presidential Power

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Presidential power is perhaps one of the most central issues in the study of the American presidency. Since Richard E. Neustadt’s classic study, first published in 1960, there has not been a book that thoroughly examines the issue of presidential power. Presidential Power: Theories and Dilemmas by noted scholar John P. Burke provides an updated and comprehensive look at the issues, constraints, and exercise of presidential power.

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