Political Communication & Public Opinion

Political Advertising in the United States

Erika Franklin Fowler, Michael M. Franz, and Travis N. Ridout

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A brief but comprehensive guide to the major debates and latest trends in political advertising, using unique tracking data from the Wesleyan Media Project.

“The authors pull together varied research areas including persuasion, negative advertising, and campaign finance laws and rulings to provide a clear and comprehensive narrative of political advertising. The writing is engaging and the use of vignettes provides students with clear examples of why, when, and how political advertising matters. Anyone who wants to know how political advertising works must read this seminal book.”
—James Druckman, Northwestern University

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Politics Is a Joke

Politics Is a Joke!: How TV Comedians Are Remaking Political Life

S. Robert Lichter, Jody C Baumgartner, Jonathan S. Morris

This book explores the effect late night political humor has on politicians, agenda-setting, policies, and our political behavior.

Politics is a Joke! is an outstanding contribution to explaining and evaluating the expanding role of humor in American political culture, politics, and government. It is an exceptional piece of scholarship in service to the classroom in its clear and cogent quantitative and qualitative analysis of late night political humor and its impact on mass audiences.”
—Michael Fitzgerald, University of Tennessee

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Public Opinion

Public Opinion

Carroll J. Glynn, Susan Herbst, Mark Lindeman, Garrett J. O’Keefe, Robert Y. Shapiro

This book offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary examination of how public opinion is formed and changed, as well as how it affects democratic society.

“Simply the best book published on public opinion today. No other authors do a better job in covering how public opinion is formed, measured, and used in democratic society. Scholars and students of public opinion will love reading and learning from this superb book.”
—Kenneth Warren, Saint Louis University; president of The Warren Poll; and author of In Defense of Public Opinion Polling

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