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Teaching Materials for Middle East Patterns: Places, Peoples, and Politics by Colbert C. Held and John Thomas Cummings

Now in its sixth edition, Middle East Patterns continues to be the most comprehensive and authoritative geographical study of the region. Coauthors Colbert C. Held and John Thomas Cummings continue to update this classic work while retaining the well-received framework of past editions. The authors first cover the Middle East from a topical perspective and then provide in-depth country-by-country coverage.

The sixth edition maintains the book’s distinctive focus on a wide range of geographical patterns—ethnographic, economic, political—while integrating updated comparative material on natural resources and human and social development throughout the book, as well as new sections on health issues, business environments, and the historical U.S presence in the region. As in the fifth edition, amplified economic analysis enhances the basic value of the volume.

Richly illustrated with more than 125 photos and 70 maps, this acclaimed book remains the best accessible resource for students and general readers who seek to understand the spatial dynamics of the Middle East.

Country Timelines
These timelines offer the reader a concise overview of each country’s long and complex history from pre-historic times. The details of more recent events can be found in the book. A chronology of events since May 2013 can be located in the “Recent Events” tab of this website. Download all Timelines (.zip) Individual Timelines:

Topical Coverage

Several topical sections of text were cut from the new sixth edition and are now available online. Where necessary, material has been updated with recent events and information. Download all Topical Coverage (.zip) Individual Topical Coverage

Looking for a more extensive bibliography with published sources, including virtually all the works cited in the notes of the text? Click the link below to access the full version. Full Bibliography (PDF)

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