American Constitutional Law Student Resources

Materials for American Constitutional Law, 10th Edition

American Constitutional Law provides a comprehensive account of the nation’s defining document, examining how its provisions were originally understood by those who drafted and ratified it, and how they have since been interpreted by the Supreme Court, Congress, the President, lower federal courts, and state judiciaries. Clear and accessible chapter introductions and a careful balance between classic and recent cases provide students with a sense of how the law has been understood and construed over the years.

Student Resources

The Supreme Court

Constitutional Creation and Amendment

Online Resources

Legal Information

  • U.S. Supreme Court: Access judicial opinions, oral arguments, legal briefs, and case documents
  • Legal Information Institute: Access judicial opinions
  • Oyez: Access case information and oral arguments
  • Findlaw: Access judicial opinions, congressional statutes, and executive branch materials

Supreme Court and Constitutional Commentary

  • Balkinization: Commentary on constitutional law and the Supreme Court
  • The Originalism Blog: Commentary on constitutional law and the Supreme Court
  • Religion Clause: Description of recent developments relating to religious liberty, both in the United States and beyond its borders
  • SCOTUSblog: Commentary on current developments and rulings of the Supreme Court
  • The Volokh Conspiracy: Commentary on constitutional law and the Supreme Court