Sociology of the Family

The Social Dynamics of Family Violence

Angela Hattery and Earl Smith

Second Edition • July 12, 2016 • 476 pages

Print: $59.00 USD/$76.50 CAD • Ebook: $36.99 USD/$36.99 CAD

A comprehensive exploration of family violence throughout the life course. Hattery and Smith examine abuse of many kinds through the lens of social inequality.

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The Black Family: Strengths, Self-help, and Positive Change

Sadye Logan; G Herring

Second Edition • December 1, 2000 • 232 pages

Print: $40.00 USD/$109.99 CAD

With numerous selections designed to reinforce the goal of empowering clients to take charge of their lives, this revised and updated second edition of The Black Family serves a two-fold purpose. It extends the small but growing body of strength-oriented literature to include African-American families and it serves as a…

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Families, History and Social Change: Life Course and Cross-cultural Perspectives

Tamara K Hareven; Barbara Trepagnier

First Edition • December 1, 1999 • 408 pages

Print: $49.00 USD/$56.50 CAD • Ebook: $33.99 USD/$39.99 CAD

One of the prevailing myths about the American family is that there once existed a harmonious family with three generations living together, and that this ideal family broke down under the impact of urbanization and industrialization. The essays in Families, History, and Social Change challenge this myth and provide dramatic…

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Family: The Making of an Idea, an Institution, and a Controversy in American Culture

Betty Farrell

First Edition • January 22, 1999 • 208 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

Assumptions about the family of the past pervade the expectations we bring to our personal interactions and shape the way we think about and study the family as a social institution. Most often, undergraduate courses in family sociology have a “marriage and family” focus, which emphasizes the dynamics of interpersonal…

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Violence Within the Family: Social Psychological Perspectives

Sharon D Herzberger

First Edition • January 26, 1996 • 272 pages

Print: $47.00 USD/$52.50 CAD

Perhaps one-fifth of all marriages are tainted by violence, and an equal number of children are harmed by parents. Abuse of elderly relatives is just beginning to be recognized as a major social problem, but the most common form of family violence occurs between siblings. Violence Within the Family connects…

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