Gender Studies

Women’s Movements in the Global Era: The Power of Local Feminisms

Edited by Amrita Basu

Second Edition • December 6, 2016 • 512 pages

Print: $49.00 USD/$63.50 CAD • Ebook: $33.99 USD/$43.99 CAD

This book provides a path-breaking study of the genesis, growth, gains, and dilemmas of women’s movements throughout the world.

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Privilege: A Reader

Edited by Michael S. Kimmel and Abby L. Ferber

Fourth Edition • July 12, 2016 • 304 pages

Print: $42.00 USD/$54.50 CAD • Ebook: $25.99 USD/$25.99 CAD

Kimmel and Ferber present essays that explore the multifaceted nature of social location and consider how various social markers interact to create nuanced layers of privilege and oppression.

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Intersectionality: A Foundations and Frontiers Reader

Patrick R. Grzanka

First Edition • February 26, 2014 • 384 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

Intersectionality: A Foundations and Frontiers Reader is an accessible, primary-source driven exploration of intersectionality in sociology and related fields. The book maps the origins of the concept, particularly in Black feminist thought and sociology, opens the discourse to challenges and applications across disciplines and outside academia, and explores the leading…

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Social Stratification: Class, Race, and Gender in Sociological Perspective

David B. Grusky

Fourth Edition • January 28, 2014 • 1200 pages

Print: $92.00 USD/$62.50 CAD

With income inequality on the rise and the ongoing economic downturn, the causes, consequences, and politics of inequality are undergoing a fundamental transformation. Updated and highly accessible, the fourth edition of Social Stratification provides refreshing take on existing theories, incorporates the latest data, and lends new perspectives to classic debates.…

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Global Gender Issues in the New Millennium

Anne Sisson Runyan, V. Spike Peterson

Fourth Edition • December 3, 2013 • 360 pages

Print: $41.00 USD/$53.50 CAD • Ebook: $25.99 USD/$25.99 CAD

Accessible and student-friendly for both undergraduate and graduate courses, authors Anne Sisson Runyan and V. Spike Peterson analyze gendered divisions of power and resources that contribute to the worldwide crises of representation, violence, and sustainability.

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Doing Gender Diversity: Readings in Theory and Real-World Experience

Edited by Rebecca F. Plante and Lis M. Maurer

First Edition • August 1, 2009 • 576 pages

Print: $65.00 USD/$94.99 CAD • Ebook: $50.00 USD/$63.99 CAD

What is gender diversity? Doesn’t diversity often mean a focus on people who vary from typically gendered people, like intersex people and drag queens? What would it mean to talk about gender diversities? What does it mean to argue that all forms of gender, from the usual to the unusual,…

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Gender and Work in Today’s World: A Reader

Nancy Sacks; Catherine Marrone

First Edition • September 1, 2004 • 472 pages

Print: $57.00 USD/$47.50 CAD • Ebook: $36.99 USD/$42.99 CAD

Nancy Sacks and Catherine Marrone have collected the classic and current readings that reflect the changing realities of gender and work in modern society. Promoting gender equality through balanced analysis of the sexes, Gender and Work in Today’s World: A Reader explores the experiences of both men and women in…

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Sex Is Not A Natural Act & Other Essays

Leonore Tiefer

Second Edition • February 13, 2004 • 320 pages

Print: $46.00 USD/$49.99 CAD • Ebook: $29.99 USD/$34.99 CAD

Revisits and updates the centrality of the social construction of sexuality, especially in the age of Viagra, FSD (female sexual dysfunction) and the media saturation of sex. Leonore Tiefer is one of the foremost sexologists working in the United States today; she is a well-known and respected scholar who writes…

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Dress Codes: Meanings and Messages in American Culture

Ruth Rubinstein

Second Edition • March 1, 2001 • 384 pages

Print: $50.00 USD/$98.99 CAD • Ebook: $33.99 USD/$39.99 CAD

Rich with illustrations, this revised and updated second edition of Dress Codes systematically analyzes the meaning and relevance of clothing in American culture. Presented here is an up-to-date analysis of images of power and authority, gender, seduction (the sexy look, the alluring look, the glamorous look, the vulnerable look), wealth…

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Understanding Homosexuality, Changing Schools

Arthur Lipkin

First Edition • December 15, 2000 • 520 pages

Print: $60.00 USD/$44.99 CAD

Scholarship on homosexuality, gay and lesbian identities, history, and culture came to universities too late for most elementary and secondary school educators, leaving them unprepared to deal with these subjects. Moreover, some teacher education faculty still neglect these topics out of moral scruple, fear, or inattention to new research and…

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