Neuroethological Studies of Cognitive and Perceptual Processes

Edited by Cynthia Moss; Sara J Shettleworth

First Edition • February 23, 1996 • 336 pages

Print: $43.00 USD/$49.50 CAD

How do bats catch insects in the dark? How do bees learn which flowers to visit? How do food-storing birds remember where their hoards are? Questions like these are addressed by neuroethology, the branch of behavioral neuroscience concerned with analyzing the neural bases of naturally occurring behaviors. This book brings…

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Life Choices: Understanding Dilemmas and Decisions

Tod Sloan

First Edition • February 23, 1996 • 176 pages

Print: $37.00 USD/$42.99 CAD

This book may be viewed as an antiguide to decisionmaking. It rejects mechanical formulas and urges self-reflection and a critique of ideology. Through close readings of fifteen life history interviews, Tod Sloan creates a framework for the interpretation of dilemmas and decisions. Ultimately, we see that a life choice or…

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Violence Within the Family: Social Psychological Perspectives

Sharon D Herzberger

First Edition • January 26, 1996 • 272 pages

Print: $47.00 USD/$52.50 CAD

Perhaps one-fifth of all marriages are tainted by violence, and an equal number of children are harmed by parents. Abuse of elderly relatives is just beginning to be recognized as a major social problem, but the most common form of family violence occurs between siblings. Violence Within the Family connects…

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Intergroup Relations

Walter G Stephan; Cookie W Stephan

First Edition • January 26, 1996 • 240 pages

Print: $41.00 USD/$47.50 CAD

Explores the stereotypes, prejudices, and discriminatory behavior of individuals and the manner in which these cognitions, feelings, and behaviors both affect others and are affected by others. Stephan and Stephan suggest measures to help overcome bias and improve intergroup relations that utilize techniques for eliminating stereotypes, reducing prejudice, and resolving…

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Attitudes and Persuasion: Classic and Contemporary Approaches

Richard E Petty; John T Cacioppo

First Edition • January 1, 1996 • 336 pages

Print: $54.00 USD/$49.99 CAD • Ebook: $33.99 USD/$39.99 CAD

This classic text surveys a number of different theoretical approaches to the related phenomena of attitude and belief change. These theories are grouped into seven major approaches, each presented and evaluated in a separate chapter. Each contributes in an important way to a complete understanding of the persuasion process. Appropriate…

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Communication Development During Infancy

Lauren B Adamson

First Edition • January 1, 1996 • 256 pages

Print: $41.00 USD/$47.50 CAD

During infancy, children master the rudiments of communication, including the intricacies of social interaction and the complexities of emotional, gestural, and symbolic expression. This book traces children’s developmental path from birth through the third year of life, providing an integrative view of their multifaceted accomplishments. Drawing on the theories of…

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Social Dilemmas

Samuel S Komorita; Craig D Parks

First Edition • January 26, 1996 • 192 pages

Print: $37.00 USD/$46.50 CAD

Emphasizing real-world examples, Komorita and Parks illustrate both the theoretical and the ecological relevance of social dilemmas, focusing on exchange theory to explain how conflicts are resolved. This book is appropriate for students of psychology, political science, and sociology.

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Empathy: A Social Psychological Approach

Mark H Davis

First Edition • January 1, 1996 • 272 pages

Print: $48.00 USD/$52.50 CAD

Empathy has long been a topic of interest to psychologists, but it has been studied in a sometimes bewildering number of ways. In this volume, Mark Davis offers a thorough, evenhanded review of contemporary empathy research, especially work that has been carried out by social and personality psychologists. Davis’ approach…

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Self-Presentation: Impression Management and Interpersonal Behavior

Mark R Leary

First Edition • January 26, 1996 • 264 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$64.99 CAD

People have a pervasive and ongoing concern with how they are perceived and evaluated by others. No matter what they are doing, people typically desire to make certain impressions on other people, and this focus on social images underlies a great deal of human behavior. Mark Leary offers a thorough,…

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Individualism and Collectivism

Harry C Triandis

First Edition • May 4, 1995 • 280 pages

Print: $49.00 USD/$46.50 CAD

An examination of the differences between collectivists (those who view themselves primarily as part of a whole, and who are motivated by the norms and duties imposed by the collective entity) and individualists (those who are motivated by their own preferences and needs).

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