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Feminist Legal Theory: Readings in Law and Gender

Edited by Katherine Bartlett; Rosanne Kennedy

First Edition • December 4, 1991 • 446 pages

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Our understanding of the law and its potential for reforming social and political norms was dramatically reshaped in the 1980s by the intellectual movement known as feminist legal theory. What makes this new theory so important is the far-reaching challenge it poses to the assumptions embedded in traditional legal doctrine…

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Philosophy of Law: An Introduction to Jurisprudence

Jeffrie G. Murphy; Jules Coleman

Revised Edition • December 4, 1989 • 256 pages

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In this revised edition, two distinguished philosophers have extended and strengthened the most authoritative text available on the philosophy of law and jurisprudence. While retaining their comprehensive coverage of classical and modern theory, Murphy and Coleman have added new discussions of the Critical Legal Studies movement and feminist jurisprudence, and…

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Universals: An Opinionated Introduction

D. M. Armstrong

First Edition • September 26, 1989 • 160 pages

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In this short text, a distinguished philosopher turns his attention to one of the oldest and most fundamental philosophical problems of all: How it is that we are able to sort and classify different things as being of the same natural class? Professor Armstrong carefully sets out six major theories…

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