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A Companion to Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

First Edition • December 25, 2007 • 256 pages

Print: $39.00 USD/$67.50 CAD • Ebook: $22.99 USD/$26.99 CAD

Immanuel Kant’s groundbreaking Critique of Pure Reason inaugurated a new way of understanding the world that continues to impact philosophy to the present day. With clear explanations and numerous examples, A Companion to Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” takes students step by step through the book in a way that…

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Doing Ethics in a Diverse World

Robert Traer; Harlan Stelmach

First Edition • July 1, 2007 • 336 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$58.50 CAD • Ebook: $25.99 USD/$25.99 CAD

Nothing is more difficult today than deciding what to do about abortion, gay marriage, economic injustice, war, torture, global warming, euthanasia, capital punishment, and a host of other controversies, particularly in a world in which people of varying religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds commonly live side by side. Can we…

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God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution

John F. Haught

Second Edition • July 1, 2007 • 256 pages

Print: $40.00 USD/$56.50 CAD • Ebook: $25.99 USD/$28.99 CAD

In God After Darwin, eminent theologian John F. Haught argues that the ongoing debate between Darwinian evolutionists and Christian apologists is fundamentally misdirected: Both sides persist in focusing on an explanation of underlying design and order in the universe. Haught suggests that what is lacking in both of these competing…

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Feminist Philosophy

Herta Nagl-Docekal; Translated by Katharina Vester

First Edition • April 1, 2004 • 272 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$106.50 CAD

Are we in a post-feminist era? Has the term, feminist, grown out of its resisted stance? What from today’s standpoint is an appropriate concept of feminist philosophy? And is it not the case that all people thinking democratically must share its central concern? In Feminist Philosophy, internationally acclaimed philosopher Herta…

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Knowledge and Civilization

Barry Allen

First Edition • September 1, 2003 • 352 pages

Print: $50.00 USD/$62.50 CAD

Knowledge and Civilization advances detailed criticism of philosophy’s usual approach to knowledge and describes a redirection, away from textbook problems of epistemology, toward an ecological philosophy of technology and civilization. Rejecting theories that confine knowledge to language or discourse, Allen situates knowledge in the greater field of artifacts, technical performance,…

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Women Philosophers: Genre and the Boundaries of Philosophy

Catherine Villanueva Gardner

First Edition • July 1, 2003 • 214 pages

Print: $43.00 USD/$46.00 CAD

Long considered “non-philosophical,” the letters and novels of women like Catharine Macaulay, Mary Wollstonecraft, and George Eliot have often been omitted from the canon of the Western philosophical tradition. This unfortunate omission is corrected here through Catherine Villanueva Gardner’s thorough discussion of the philosophical importance of their work. Gardner also…

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Alienation and Freedom

Richard Schmitt

First Edition • August 1, 2002 • 160 pages

Print: $36.00 USD/$81.50 CAD • Ebook: $22.99 USD/$26.99 CAD

Drawing from existentialism, feminism, the thought of Karl Marx and novelists like Dostoevsky, Richard Schmitt looks at modern capitalist societies to understand what it is that might be wrong for individuals. His concern focuses specifically on those who are alienated— those persons who have difficulty finding meaning in their lives,…

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A Mind of One’s Own: Feminist Essays on Reason and Objectivity

Louise Antony; Charlotte Witt

Second Edition • January 1, 2002 • 464 pages

Print: $55.00 USD/$52.50 CAD

A book of tremendous influence when it first appeared, A Mind of One’s Own reminded readers that the tradition of Western philosophy— in particular, the ideals of reason and objectivity— has come down to us from white males, nearly all of whom are demonstrably sexist, even misogynist. In this second…

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Latin American Thought: Philosophical Problems and Arguments

Susanna Nuccetelli

First Edition • December 1, 2001 • 292 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$48.50 CAD • Ebook: $29.99 USD/$34.99 CAD

Many of the philosophical questions raised in Latin America may seem to be among the perennial problems that have concerned philosophers at different times and in different places throughout the Western tradition, but they are not altogether the same—for Latin American thinkers have often adapted them to capture problems presented…

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Genes and Future People: Philosophical Issues in Human Genetics

Walter Glannon

First Edition • December 1, 2001 • 232 pages

Print: $42.00 USD/$56.50 CAD • Ebook: $25.99 USD/$28.99 CAD

Advances in genetic technology in general and medical genetics in particular will enable us to intervene in the process of human biological development which extends from zygotes and embryos to people. This will allow us to control to a great extent the identities and the length and quality of the…

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