Latin American Studies

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The Battle for Guatemala: Rebels, Death Squads, and U.S. Power

Susanne Jonas

First Edition • September 1, 1991 • 310 pages

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A contemporary history of Guatemala’s thirty-year civil war — the longest and bloodiest in the hemisphere — this book pulls aside the veil of secrecy that has obscured the origins of the war. Using a structural analysis that takes critical events and changes in the nation’s economic and social structure…

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Promise of Development: Theories of Change in Latin America

Edited by Peter F Klaren; Thomas J Bossert

First Edition • June 10, 1986 • 364 pages

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In recent years Latin Americanists have been among the most innovative and productive theorists about the uneven process of development. This collection of substantial selections from some of the most prominent theorists in the field represents a scholarly consolidation and reassessment of the controversies concerning the development of Latin America.…

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