Latin American Studies

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Decentralization in Mexico: From Reforma Municipal To Solidaridad To Nuevo Federalismo

Victoria Rodriguez

First Edition • September 1, 1997 • 224 pages

Print: $38.00 USD/$44.00 CAD

Although Mexico was once recognized for the stability of its strongly centralist one-party political system, events occurring since the mid-1980s have made it increasingly difficult for both the government and the ruling party to sustain legitimacy and credibility. This book assesses the impact of decentralization on Mexico’s intergovernmental relations and…

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Latin Looks: Images of Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. Media

Clara E Rodriguez

First Edition • May 2, 1997 • 320 pages

Print: $47.00 USD/$64.99 CAD • Ebook: $29.99 USD/$34.99 CAD

What are “Latin looks”? A Latin look may seem at first blush to be something that everyone recognizes-brunette, sensual, expressive, animated, perhaps threatening. But upon reflection, we realize that these are the images that are prevalent in the media, while the reality in Latino communities is of a rich diversity…

Democracy and Human Rights in the Caribbean

Edited by Ivelaw L Griffith; Betty N. Sedoc-Dahlberg

First Edition • April 1, 1997 • 286 pages

Print: $46.00 USD/$62.50 CAD

The Caribbean, like regions elsewhere, is caught in what has been called democracy’s global Third Wave. In this volume, contributors examine the nature of democratization in the region together with its accessory, human rights. The emphasis is to extend the analysis and debates beyond political democracy and civil and political…

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Indigenous Peoples in Latin America: The Quest for Self-Determination

Hector Diaz Polanco

First Edition • March 28, 1997 • 176 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$72.50 CAD • Ebook: $25.99 USD/$28.99 CAD

This book deals with the perennial tensions between ethnic groups and the modern nation-state and does so from the perspective of a leading Mexican anthropologist with deep and long experience in these matters. As such, it is both a superb introduction to the basic issues and a presentation of the…

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Power, Politics, and Pentecostals in Latin America

Edited by Edward L Cleary; Hannah Stewart-Gambino

First Edition • October 25, 1996 • 272 pages

Print: $43.00 USD/$73.99 CAD

Today over forty million Latin Americans classify themselves as Protestant, of which the overwhelming majority belong to some form of Pentecostalism. The rapid dissemination of Pentecostal beliefs has produced vibrant alternatives to traditional dominant culture and changed relations within the family, locality, and workplace. This volume introduces broad issues in…

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Institutional Design in New Democracies: Eastern Europe and Latin America

Edited by Arend Lijphart; Carlos Waisman

First Edition • August 23, 1996 • 288 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

Countries throughout Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe are moving from semi-closed to open economies and from authoritarian to democratic political systems. Despite important differences between the regions, these transitions involve similar tasks: the establishment of governmental institutions and electoral systems conducive to legitimation of the new and fragile…

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Latin American Nations in World Politics

Edited by Heraldo Munoz; Joseph S Tulchin; David G Becker

Second Edition • May 31, 1996 • 288 pages

Print: $49.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

When the first edition of Latin American Nations in World Politics was published in 1984, it was the only book to undertake the study of Latin American foreign policy seriously and to place Latin American international affairs within a broader, global framework, both geopolitically and academically. The transition to democracy…

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Neoliberalism Revisited: Economic Restructuring and Mexico's Political Future

Edited by Gerardo Otero

First Edition • April 5, 1996 • 288 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

Having unilaterally opened its borders to international competition and foreign investment in the mid-1980s, Mexico has become one of the world’s leading proponents of economic liberalization. Nevertheless, as the recent uprising of native peoples in Chiapas has made clear, economic reforms are not universally welcomed. This book addresses the challenges…

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Brazil: Culture and Politics in a New Industrial Powerhouse

Ronald Schneider

First Edition • February 1, 1996 • 272 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$44.99 CAD

Myths and misconceptions about Brazil, the world’s fifth largest and most populous country, are long-standing. Far from a sleeping giant, Brazil is the southern hemisphere’s most important country. Entering its second decade of civilian constitutional government after a protracted period of military rule, it has also recently achieved sustained economic…

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Capital, Power, and Inequality in Latin America

Edited by Sandor Halebsky; Richard L Harris; Elizabeth W Dore; John Kirk; Michael Kearney

First Edition • October 1, 1995 • 336 pages

Print: $46.00 USD/$62.50 CAD

Over the last two decades, economic, political, and social life in Latin America has been transformed by the region’s accelerated integration into the global economy. Although this transformation has tended to exacerbate various inequities, new forms of popular expression and action challenging the contemporary structures of capital and power have…

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