Military History and Affairs

Cold War: An International History

Carole K. Fink

Second Edition • December 13, 2016 • 352 pages

Print: $32.00 USD/$41.50 CAD • Ebook: $22.99 USD/$29.99 CAD

Carole Fink’s comprehensive retelling provides new insights and perspectives on key Cold War events, emphasizing people, power, ideas, and culture.

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The U.S. Intelligence Community

Jeffrey T. Richelson

Seventh Edition • July 28, 2015 • 632 pages

Print: $52.00 USD/$67.50 CAD • Ebook: $33.99 USD/$33.99 CAD

The role of intelligence in U.S. government operations is more critical than ever to domestic security and foreign policy. This authoritative and highly researched book written by Jeffrey T. Richelson provides a detailed overview of America’s vast intelligence empire, from its organizations and operations to its management structure. Drawing from…

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Europe on Trial: The Story of Collaboration, Resistance, and Retribution during World War II

István Deák

First Edition • January 13, 2015 • 264 pages

Print: $32.00 USD/$41.50 CAD • Ebook: $19.99 USD/$19.99 CAD

Read a sample from Europe on Trial “István Deák takes the reader on a sweeping survey of some of the bleakest aspects of a bleak period in European history. He dispenses with comforting national myths and unexamined assumptions of national virtue. World War II was, as he writes, ‘one of…

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Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements

James DeFronzo

Fifth Edition • August 12, 2014 • 492 pages

Print: $50.00 USD/$64.99 CAD • Ebook: $33.99 USD/$33.99 CAD

With crucial insights and indispensable information concerning modern-day political upheavals, Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements provides a representative cross section of the most significant revolutions of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This fourth edition is revised and updated with special focus on Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic revolutionary movements and a new…

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The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences

James DeFronzo

First Edition • August 1, 2009 • 336 pages

Print: $40.00 USD/$58.99 CAD • Ebook: $22.99 USD/$26.99 CAD

Exploring the key historical, political, and social underpinnings, James DeFronzo analyzes the impact of this defining war in the Middle East. The Iraq War explains the compelling and interrelated sociological and political forces that led to war, accounting for important aspects of the occupation, the development of the resistance, and…

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Is the Holocaust Unique?: Perspectives on Comparative Genocide

Edited by Alan S. Rosenbaum

Third Edition • December 1, 2008 • 400 pages

Print: $49.00 USD/$53.99 CAD • Ebook: $29.99 USD/$34.99 CAD

In essays written specifically for this volume, distinguished contributors assess highly charged and fundamental questions about the Holocaust: Is it unique? How can it be compared with other instances of genocide? What constitutes genocide, and how should the international community respond? On one side of the dispute are those who…

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The Holocaust: Roots, History, and Aftermath

David M. Crowe

First Edition • January 23, 2008 • 528 pages

Print: $60.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

The Holocaust: Roots, History, and Aftermath takes a fresh, probing look at one of the greatest human tragedies in modern history. Author David M. Crowe begins with a detailed overview of the history of the Jews, their two-millennia-old struggle with a larger Christian world, and the historical anti-Semitism that created…

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Storming the Heavens: Soldiers, Emperors, and Civilians in the Roman Empire

Antonio Santosuosso

First Edition • August 1, 2003 • 280 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$53.99 CAD • Ebook: $25.99 USD/$28.99 CAD

      In the closing years of the second century B.C., the ancient world watched as the Roman armies maintained clear superiority over all they surveyed. But, social turmoil prevailed at the heart of her territories, led by an increasing number of dispossessed farmers, too little manpower for the…

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Legislating the Holocaust: The Bernhard Loesenor Memoirs and Supporting Documents

Karl Schleunes

First Edition • June 1, 2001 • 208 pages

Print: $47.00 USD/$62.50 CAD • Ebook: $33.99 USD/$39.99 CAD

From April 1933 to early 1943, Bernard Loesener served as the official Jewish Expert in the German Third Reich’s Ministry of the Interior, the government body responsible for the Nazi’s legislative assault on German Jewry. In that role, he personally drafted much of the legislation, the Nuremberg Laws of 1935…

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Armenians and the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905–1911: The Love for Freedom Has No Fatherland

Houri Berberian

First Edition • January 1, 2001 • 244 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$51.50 CAD

Drawing upon original sources, this study provides the most comprehensive treatment to date of the issue of Armenian politicization and participation in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution (1905–1911). Houri Berberian traces the political, economic, and social situation of Armenians in the nineteenth century with a special emphasis on the Armenian provinces…

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