European Studies

The Soviet Nationality Reader: The Disintegration in Context

Rachel Denber

First Edition • May 11, 1992 • 635 pages

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Setting the context for the crisis that has fragmented the former USSR, this reader presents key essays by notable Western scholars who have shaped the debates within the field of Soviet nationality studies. Focusing first on the historical development of the Soviet multiethnic state, the discussions then turn to specific…

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The New European Community: Decisionmaking and Institutional Change

Edited by Robert O Keohane; Stanley Hoffmann

First Edition • September 16, 1991 • 208 pages

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The New European Community is the first systematic, book-length discussion of the major political institutions of the European Community (EC) after the transformation of the 1987 Single European Act, itself a surprise and a mystery whose effects are unraveled here. Professors Keohane and Hoffmann open the volume by placing the…

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The Culture of Western Europe: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

George Mosse

Third Edition • August 1, 1988 • 438 pages

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A revised and updated edition of this established cultural history examines the interplay between eighteenth-century rationalism and nineteenth-century romanticism as they meshed and modified one another to shape the prominent trends of the twentieth century. A new chapter, The Changing Pace of Life, skillfully bridges an analysis of romanticism and…

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