Off Track: When Poor Readers Become "Learning Disabled"

Louise Spear-Swerling; Robert Sternberg

First Edition • January 6, 1997 • 352 pages

Print: $46.00 USD/$104.99 CAD • Ebook: $29.99 USD/$34.99 CAD

The identification of poor readers as “learning disabled” can be the first of many steps toward consigning students to a lifetime of reading failure. The very label that is meant to help children often becomes a burden that works against effective learning throughout their schooling.In this book, the authors identify…

The New Work Order

James Gee; Glynda Hull; Colin Lankshear

First Edition • October 15, 1996 • 200 pages

Print: $43.00 USD/$72.50 CAD

Workplace democracy. Empowerment. Team leaders. Knowledge workers. This is the language of the new work order promoted by today’s management, which promises more meaningful and satisfying work, greater respect for diversity, and more democratic distribution of knowledge. But Gee, Hull, and Lankshear find startling contradictions in this brave new workplace…

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Moral Psychology

Daniel K Lapsley

First Edition • June 7, 1996 • 304 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$58.99 CAD

Moral functioning is a defining feature of human personhood and human social life. Moral Psychology provides an integrative and evaluative overview of the theoretical and empirical traditions that have attempted to make sense of moral cognition, prosocial behavior, and the development of virtuous character. This is the first book to…

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Parents, Their Children, and Schools

Edited by Barbara Schneider; James Coleman

First Edition • March 22, 1996 • 208 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$46.50 CAD

Parental involvement with children at home, in school, and in the community is one of the most important factors in educational success. Yet we know very little about the most effective approaches to parental intervention. Moreover, not all parents have the same resources or opportunities to act on the educational…

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The Gender Question in Education: Theory, Pedagogy, and Politics

Ann Diller; Barbara Houston; Kathryn Pauly Morgan; Maryann Ayim

First Edition • March 1, 1996 • 272 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$81.50 CAD

In this innovative book, four prominent philosophers of education introduce readers to the central debates about the role of gender in educational practice, policymaking, and theory. More a record of a continuing conversation than a statement of a fixed point of view, The Gender Question in Education enables students and…

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Knowledge Puzzles: An Introduction to Epistemology

Stephen Cade Hetherington

First Edition • February 23, 1996 • 224 pages

Print: $42.00 USD/$82.50 CAD

Despite the problems students often have with the theory of knowledge, it remains, necessarily, at the core of the philosophical enterprise. As experienced teachers know, teaching epistemology requires a text that is not only clear and accessible, but also capable of successfully motivating the abstract problems that arise. In Knowledge…

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