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Roads in the Sky: The Hopi Indians in a Century of Change

Richard O. Clemmer

First Edition • April 13, 1995 • 375 pages

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Despite 100 years with the dominant American culture, Hopi culture today maintains continuity with its aboriginal roots while reflecting the impact of the 20th century. A compelling study of fourth worlders coping with a powerful nation-state, this book depicts Hopi social organization, economy, religion, and politics as well as key…

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Ordered Universes: Approaches to the Anthropology of Religion

Morton Klass

First Edition • March 30, 1995 • 192 pages

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This innovative introduction to the anthropological study of religion challenges traditional categories and assumptions, arguing that too many of them reflect ethnocentric perspectives long discarded by contemporary anthropologists. The continued use of such terms as supernatural and cult inescapably communicates that what is under study is not as real or…

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Tango and the Political Economy of Passion

Marta Savigliano

First Edition • January 19, 1995 • 312 pages

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What is tango? Dance, music, and lyrics of course, but also a philosophy, a strategy, a commodity, even a disease. This book explores the politics of tango, tracing tango’s travels from the brothels of Buenos Aires to the cabarets of Paris and the shako dansu clubs of Tokyo. The author…

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Rethinking the Subject: An Anthology of Contemporary European Social Thought

James Faubion; Paul Rabinow

First Edition • January 9, 1995 • 227 pages

Print: $38.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

Since the early 1970s, European thinkers have departed notably from their predecessors in order to pursue analytical programs more thoroughly their own. Rethinking the Subject brings together in one volume some of the most influential writings of Foucault, Habermas, Bourdieu, Pizzorno, Macfarlane, and other authors whose ideas have had a…

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