African Studies

Requiem for the Sudan: War, Drought, and Disaster Relief on the Nile

J. Millard Burr; Robert O Collins;

First Edition • November 16, 1994 • 385 pages

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After a decade of uneasy peace, the historic conflict between the Northern Sudanese, who identify with their Middle Eastern neighbors, and the Southern Sudanese, who are of African heritage, erupted into violent conflict in 1983. This ferocious civil war, with its Arab militias and widespread use of automatic weapons, has…

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Kenya: The Quest for Prosperity

Norman Miller; Rodger Yeager

Second Edition • December 8, 1993 • 272 pages

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Kenya is one of Africa’s most important and controversial nations. It has simultaneously been heralded for its political stability and economic success and criticized as a wellspring of elitism and class exploitation. Kenya remains a close ally of the West and a symbol of capitalism in Africa, and it occupies…

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