African Studies

Africa: Dilemmas of Development and Change

Edited by Peter Lewis

First Edition • July 1, 1998 • 464 pages

Print: $56.00 USD/$71.50 CAD

In the decades since independence, the countries of sub-Saharan Africa have faced three central dilemmas of development. The first has been the challenge of state building. In the wake of colonial rule, governments have encountered the problems of establishing legitimate authority and constructing capable states. A second dilemma has been…

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Gender Politics in Sudan: Islamism, Socialism, and the State

Sondra Hale

First Edition • August 1, 1997 • 312 pages

Print: $48.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

Focusing on the relationship between gender and the state in the construction of national identity politics in twentieth-century northern Sudan, the author investigates the mechanisms that the state and political and religious interest groups employ for achieving political and cultural hegemony. Hale argues that such a process involves the transformation…

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Angola: Struggle for Peace and Reconstruction

Inge Tvedten

First Edition • June 1, 1997 • 176 pages

Print: $43.00 USD/$54.99 CAD

After more than twenty years of devastating civil war, Angola is slowly moving toward peace and reconciliation. In this accessible introduction to one of the most resource-rich countries in Africa, Inge Tvedten traces Angola’s turbulent past, with a particular focus on the impacts that political and economic upheaval have had…

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The Political Economy of South Africa: From Minerals-Energy Complex to Industrialisation

Ben Fine; Zavareh Rustomjee; Elsa Honig Fine

First Edition • April 18, 1997 • 288 pages

Print: $45.00 USD/$49.99 CAD

The acclaim with which democratization in South Africa has been greeted has been tempered by the recognition that there are at the same time continuing and even deepening economic inequalities. This is more disturbing given the extreme economic disparity experienced by much of the black population, the retreat from commitments…

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Learning from Somalia: The Lessons of Armed Humanitarian Intervention

Edited by Walter S Clarke; Jeffrey Herbst

First Edition • March 7, 1997 • 288 pages

Print: $46.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

The U.S.-led intervention in Somalia that began in December 1992 is the most significant instance to date of peacemaking by the international community. The heady promise of Operation Restore Hope and the subsequent disappointments have had a resounding impact on the policies of Western governments and the UN as they…

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Africa’s Choices: After Thirty Years of the World Bank

Michael Barratt Brown

First Edition • February 1, 1997 • 456 pages

Print: $56.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

For thirty years, the World Bank has proposed policies that have produced few economic benefits but have eroded the traditional strengths of African society — even the Bank itself now admits this. But while African leaders, many propped up by the West, are often corrupt or incompetent, an impressive range…

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African Women: A Modern History

Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch; Beth Raps; Translator

First Edition • January 1, 1997 • 336 pages

Print: $52.00 USD/$64.99 CAD

Over the last century, the social and economic roles played by African women have evolved dramatically. Long confined to home and field, overlooked by their menfolk and missionaries alike, African women worked, thought, dreamed, and struggled. They migrated to the cities, invented new jobs, and activated the so-called informal economy…

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The Crown and the Turban: Muslims and West African Pluralism

Lamin Sanneh

First Edition • November 1, 1996 • 304 pages

Print: $46.00 USD/$68.99 CAD

This fascinating study explores the clash of civilizations between the secular government and Muslim traditions in West Africa, appraising the challenge of separating the administration of the state from the deeply held beliefs of the Islamic peoples of the region. Lamin Sanneh, awarded Senegal’s highest national honor for his scholarly…

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Courtyards, Markets, City Streets: Urban Women in Africa

Edited by Kathleen Sheldon

First Edition • September 1, 1996 • 352 pages

Print: $52.00 USD/$60.00 CAD

Although women have long been active residents in African cities, explorations of their contributions have been marginal. This volume brings women into the center of the urban landscape, using case studies to illustrate their contributions to family, community, work, and political life. The book begins with a rich introduction that…

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Political Reform in Francophone Africa

Edited by John F Clark; David Gardinier

First Edition • December 13, 1996 • 336 pages

Print: $47.00 USD/$56.50 CAD

Most African states experienced only a few fleeting years of democratic rule after independence before succumbing to authoritarianism. During the 1970s and 1980s, Africans and Westerners alike came to view dictatorship to be as much a part of the region’s social landscape as its grinding poverty. Yet the end of…

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