Troubling the Angels

Women Living with HIV/AIDS

Patricia A Lather; Christine S Smithies

First Edition • June 4, 1997 • 288 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813390161 • $45.00 USD$51.50 CAN

Ebook ISBN: 9780813346472 • $29.99 USD$34.99 CAN

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Educator Patti Lather and psychologist Chris Smithies observed and chronicled support groups for women diagnosed with HIV. Whether black, Latina, poor, or middle class, the women in these groups share the common bond of living with HIV/AIDS, and they describe how it affects their lives in terms full of practical reality and moving poignancy as they fight with, accept, reflect on, and live and die with the disease. The authors weave into these accounts their own experiences as not only researchers, but also as women emotionally tied to the sufferings of sisters, mothers, wives, and lovers with HIV/AIDS. They also provide statistics and fact boxes that put these women’s words in context and offer readers a fuller understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In an epilogue, Lather and Smithies revisit these women to chronicle their lives with HIV/AIDS and also to visit the friends they had made and to mourn the friends they have lost.

Patti Lather is associate professor of education and associated women’s studies at Ohio State University. She is the author of Getting Smart: Feminist Research and Pedagogy With/in the Postmodern.

Chris Smithies is a feminist psychologist with a private practice in Columbus, Ohio.

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