The Mind-body Problem

An Opinionated Introduction

D. M. Armstrong

First Edition • July 1, 1999 • 184 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813390574 • $44.00 USD$62.50 CAN


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The relation of mind to body has been argued about by philosophers for centuries. The Mind-Body Problem: An Opinionated Introduction presents the problem as a debate between materialists about the mind and their opponents. After examining the views of Descartes, Hume and Thomas Huxley the debate is traced through the twentieth century to the present day. The emphasis is always on the arguments used, and the way one position develops from another. By the end of the book the reader is afforded both a grasp of the state of the controversy, and how we got there.

D. M. Armstrong is emeritus professor in the School of Philosophy at the University of Sydney.

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