The Koreans

Contemporary Politics And Society

Donald S Macdonald; Donald N Clark

Third Edition • August 2, 1996 • 352 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813328881 • $50.00 USD$87.50 CAN

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In this new edition, Donald Clark has thoroughly revised and updated Donald Macdonald’s widely praised introduction to Korea, describing and assessing the volatile and dramatic developments on the peninsula over the last five years. Remaining true to Macdonald’s original conception, Clark has reworked the existing text from the perspective of the mid-1990s to take account of the enormous political and economic changes in South Korea, the evolving relationship between North and South, and the implications of North Korea’s leadership transition and nuclear capability.

The late Donald Stone Macdonald was research professor emeritus of Korean studies at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. 

Donald N. Clark is professor of history and director of international studies at Trinity University. 

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