The Holocaust

Roots, History, and Aftermath

David M. Crowe

First Edition • January 23, 2008 • 528 pages

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The Holocaust: Roots, History, and Aftermath takes a fresh, probing look at one of the greatest human tragedies in modern history. Author David M. Crowe begins with a detailed overview of the history of the Jews, their two-millennia-old struggle with a larger Christian world, and the historical anti-Semitism that created the environment that helped pave the way for the Holocaust.

But it would take more than traditional prejudices to bring Europe to the edge of the Shoah. It would take someone like Adolf Hitler, who blended his own hatred of the Jews with contemporary ideas about eugenics, Aryan racial superiority, and German nationalistic frustration with the post-1918 Weimar democratic experiment, to bring to life the Nazi racial policies that led to the Final Solution—the mass murder of all of the Jews in Europe. Crowe analyzes the complex origins and evolution of these policies not only toward the Jews, the Nazis’ principal victims, but also toward the Roma, the handicapped, and other groups deemed racial or biological threats to Hitler’s goal of creating an Aryan-pure Europe. He discusses the spread of these policies in Germany as well as throughout Europe and concludes with a detailed discussion of liberation, Displaced Persons and the founding of Israel, the major war crimes investigations and trials, and continuing international efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice

David M. Crowe is President Emeritus of the Association for the Study of Nationalities at Columbia University and a member of the Education Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. He is currently a Fellow at the Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies at the University of North at Carolina at Chapel Hill. His award-winning books include A History of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe and Russia and The Baltic States and the Great Powers: Foreign Relations, 1938–1940. He teaches at Elon University and its school of law.

1. Jewish History: Ancient Beginnings and the Evolution of Christian Anti-Judaic Prejudice through the Reformation

2. Jews, the Enlightenment, Emancipation, and the Rise of Racial Anti-Semitism through the Early Twentieth Century

3. The World of Adolf Hitler, 1889–1933: War, Politics, and Anti-Semitism

4. The Nazis in Power, 1933–1939. Eugenics, Race, and Biology: Jews, the Handicapped, and the Roma

5. Nazi Germany at War, 1939–1941: “Euthanasia” and the Handicapped; Ghettos and Jews

6. The Invasion of the Soviet Union and the Path to the “Final Solution”

7. The “Final Solution,” 1941–1944: Death Camps and Experiments with Mass Murder

8. The Final Solution in Western Europe and the Nazi Allied States

9. The Holocaust and the Controversial Role of Europe’s Neutrals: Then and Now

10. Liberation, DPs, and the Search for Justice since World War II: War Crimes Investigations and Trials in Europe, the United States, and Israel

“Instructors and scholars will marvel at the breadth of the work. Whether discussing the ancient origins of anti-Judaic prejudice or the postwar trials of perpetrators, Crowe illustrates his complete mastery over available sources….The Holocaust should become the standard general purpose textbook on the Holocaust.”—German Studies Review

“A work of exceptional breadth, clarity and rich detail that will engage beginning students and will be an invaluable resource for advanced students seeking a synthesis of the complex history of the Holocaust. This outstanding text is shaped equally by brilliant pedagogical organization and meticulous scholarship.” —Marilyn J. Harran, Professor of Religious Studies and History; Director, Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education, Chapman University

“Professor Crowe has produced a compelling and up-to-date history of the Holocaust, one that is clearly written and comprehensive. He begins by examining the origins of the ‘longest hatred’ of the Jews, proceeds to carry the reader through the subsequent horrors of the persecution, and ends with the war crimes trials of the perpetrators. Students will be in his debt.” —Karl A. Schleunes, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; author of The Twisted Road to Auschwitz and Legislating the Holocaust

“David M. Crowe’s The Holocaust is a comprehensive and clear history of the much studied event. Subtitled Roots, History, and Aftermath, it delivers on that ambitious promise by exploring the antecedents and consequences of the Holocaust as well as the murder of the European Jews. The quality work of a mature scholar, Crowe’s insights are balanced and nuanced, informed by deep learning and well documented in primary and secondary sources. The book will serve both students and scholars well. Both will appreciate his mastery of complex material and his ability to concisely consider even the most controversial of debates. A detailed work that never gets lost in its detail, it offers precision yet never loses sight of the larger story that must be told and retold.” —Michael Berenbaum, Director, Sigi Ziering Institute; Professor of Jewish Studies, American Jewish University; Former Project Director and Director of the Research Institute, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

“Professor Crowe’s book moves us several steps forward in bringing the details of the Porrajmos—the Romani genocide—into the mainstream of Holocaust historiography.” —Ian Hancock, former Romani member, The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council Director, Romani Archives and Documentation Center, University of Texas at Austin

“What makes this book especially useful both as a textbook and as a general introduction to the subject is the author’s broad approach. … Crowe places the Holocaust in the context of German racial policies, something rarely done so effectively. … [A] textbook that deserves widespread use.”

—Journal of Interdisciplinary History

2008 Choice Outstanding Academic Title

“Crowe’s book is the best overall text on the market today for college classes on the Holocaust. Highly recommended.”—Choice

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