The Ghetto

Contemporary Global Issues and Controversies

Edited by Ray Hutchison; Bruce Haynes

First Edition • August 1, 2011 • 384 pages

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Too often the term “ghetto” is simply applied to any African American community, to the inner city as a whole, or recently to anything that is degraded or unrefined. But what is a ghetto? Does it arise organically from cities, or is it a consequence of social conflict and government policy? Are the banlieues, barrios, favelas, shantytowns, and slums of Europe, South America, and other continents similar to the American ghetto?

The Ghetto invites us to reexamine our assumptions by addressing these and other critical questions. Concise, original essays from top scholars around the world clearly describe essential arguments and discoveries, making the current discussion of marginalized urban spaces accessible for all readers and students of urban studies and sociology.

Ray Hutchison is professor of sociology in the Department of Public and Environmental Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Santander Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences at the New University of Lisbon. He is senior editor of The Encyclopedia of Urban Studies and coauthor (with Mark Gottdiener) of The New Urban Sociology (Westview Press).

Bruce D. Haynes is associate professor of sociology at the University of California, Davis. His publications include Red Lines, Black Spaces: The Politics of Race and Space in a Black Middle-Class Suburb.

Bruce D. Haynes and Ray Hutchison

1. A Janus-Faced Institution of Ethnoracial Closure: A Sociological Specification of the Ghetto
Loïc Wacquant

2. De-spatialization and De-ghettoization: The Future of the U.S. Ghetto
Peter Marcuse

3. The Iconic Ghetto
Elijah Anderson

4. “You Just Don’t Go Down There”: Learning to Avoid the Ghetto in San Francisco
Nikki Jones and Christina Jackson

5. In Terms of Harlem
Bruce D. Haynes

6. The Spike Lee Effect: Reimagining the Ghetto for Cultural Consumption
Sharon Zukin

7. Places of Stigma: Ghettos, Barrios, and Banlieues
Ernesto Castañeda

8. On the Absence of Ghettos in Latin American Cities
Alan Gilbert

9. Divided Cities: Rethinking the Ghetto in Light of the Brazilian Favela
Brasilmar Ferreira Nunes and Leticia Veloso

10. Demonstrations at Work: Some Notes from Urban Africa
AbdouMaliq Simone

11. From Refuge the Ghetto Is Born: Contemporary Figures of Heterotopias
Michel Agier

12. Where Is the Chicago Ghetto?
Ray Hutchison

“Unique in its field, this edited volume reconsiders the Chicago School’s ‘iconic ghetto’ against other marginalized, stigmatized spaces worldwide, such as Paris’s banlieues, Rio’s favelas, and Kenya’s refugee camps…Consisting of 12 generally richly analytical…presentations, this volume should be enticing for senior and graduate-level seminars in sociology or urban studies. Highly recommended.” –Choice

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