The Essential Criminology Reader

Stuart Henry; Mark M. Lanier

First Edition • August 1, 2005 • 400 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813343198 • $57.00 USD$69.99 CAN

Ebook ISBN: 9780786738359 • $36.99 USD$42.99 CAN

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Initially designed to accompany Mark Lanier and Stuart Henry’s best-selling Essential Criminology textbook, this new reader is an up-to-date companion text perfect for all students of introductory criminology and criminological theory courses. The Essential Criminology Reader contains 30 original articles on current developments in criminological theory. Commissioned specifically for The Reader, these short essays were written by leading scholars in the field. Each chapter complements one of 13 different theoretical perspectives covered in Lanier and Henry’s Essential Criminology text and contains between two and three articles from leading theorists on each perspective. Each chapter of The Reader features:

  • a brief summary of the main ideas of the theory
  • the ways the author’s theory has been misinterpreted/distorted
  • criticisms by others of the theory and how the author has responded
  • a summary of the balance of the empirical findings
  • the latest developments in their theoretical position
  • policy implications/practice of their theory

Mark Lanier is professor and chair of the department of Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama. He is the author or editor of multiple books on crime, including The Essential Criminology Reader (with Stuart Henry).

Stuart Henry is professor of criminal justice and director of the School of Public Affairs at San Diego State University and visiting professor of criminology at the University of Kent, Canterbury, England. He is the author of more than twenty books including the classic The Hidden Economy.

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“Stuart Henry and Mark Lanier-the authors of an especially imaginative and readable criminology textbook-have now compiled a valuable and stimulating reader on criminological theory. They have succeeded in persuading many of the most influential contemporary theorists in the field to contribute essays that both explicate the principal themes of their theoretical contributions as well as provide their responses to critiques of their work. This unique compilation should engage and inspire students new to the field of criminology, and should prove to be an endlessly useful resource for established criminological scholars”
— David O. Friedrichs, Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Scranton

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