The Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration

Jay Shafritz

First Edition • August 1, 2004 • 320 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813342603 • $50.00 USD$49.99 CAN

Ebook ISBN: 9780786752430 • $33.99 USD$39.99 CAN

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The Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration offers definitions of all the key terms, concepts, processes and practices of contemporary public policy and administration. Included are brief biographies of major scholars and influential practitioners, summaries of major rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, overviews of significant laws, descriptions of important government agencies, and explanations of historical trends and governing doctrines. The Dictionary is designed to be the single most useful tool that a student or practitioner of public administration could have-the book to keep at their side while they are reading other textbooks in the field.

Jay M. Shafritz, Jr., professor of public and international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, is the author of over three dozen text and reference books on various aspects of government, management, and public administration, including Classics of Public Administration, Classics of Organization Theory, Introducing Public Administration, The HarperCollins Dictionary of American Government and Politics, The Dictionary of Twentieth Century World Politics, Words on War, and Shakespeare on Management.

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Scholars have known for several hundreds years that compiling any sort of dictionary is a complex, daunting and evolutionary process. Jay Shafritz should be commended for his efforts. The Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration provides a sound foundation for future works.
— Larry D. Terry , Public Administration Review

Written by the best-known U.S. lexicographer of public administration, this comprehensive dictionary introduces and defines the diverse concepts, issues, activities and debates in the field. The alphabetized listing and engaging writing style make the approximately 1,600 entries easily accessible to scholars, students, professional managers and citizens. Shafritz packs an incredible amount of useful information in this codification of the vocabulary of our discipline.
— Jonathan P. West , University of Miami

Jay Shafritz’s Dictionary is an invaluable resource that is easily readable and filled with interesting and relevant examples. Students of Public Administration will especially enjoy the succinct summaries of the major ideas of significant writers in the field. The explanation of the origin of key concepts is fascinating and provides great insight and understanding.
— Wendell C. Lawther , University of Central Florida

More good work from Shafritz. Belongs on shelf of all MPA or PhD candidates in public policy and administration. Seasoned practitioners and academics will find it useful as well. Welcome contribution.
— David G. Carnevale, Ph.D. , The University of Oklahoma

This Dictionary is an essential tool for students of Public Policy and Administration and a must for those who are writing about it!
— Arie Halachmi , Professor of Public Policy and Management, Institute of Government, Tennessee State University

Jay M. Shafritz, by far the leading U.S. lexicographer of public policy and administration, has produced another extraordinarily useful volume. What makes the Dictionary among the most valuable resources in the field is its comprehensive coverage, succinct definitions, remarkably smooth readability, and sophisticated explanations of both classical and contemporary concepts, ideas, and terms. I cannot think of any book that would be of greater use, value, and longevity to them.
— David H. Rosenbloom, Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, American University

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