The Campaign Manager

Running and Winning Local Elections

Catherine Shaw

Fifth Edition • January 7, 2014 • 440 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813348636 • $42.00 USD$54.50 CAN

Ebook ISBN: 9780813348643 • $25.99 USD$25.99 CAN

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Successful campaign manager and three-time mayor of Ashland, Oregon, Catherine Shaw presents a clear and concise, must-have handbook for navigating local campaigns. This handbook gives political novices and veterans alike a comprehensive and detailed plan for organizing, funding, publicizing, and winning local political campaigns. Finding the right message and targeting the right voters are clearly explained through specific examples, anecdotes, and illustrations. Shaw also provides in-depth information on assembling campaign teams, precinct analysis, canvassing, and dealing with the media. The Campaign Manager is an encouraging, lucid presentation of how to win elections at the local level.

Updates to the fifth edition include an entirely new chapter on social media and its influence on campaigning, new coverage on how to put together a campaign plan, and a new appendix on how to campaign on a budget.

Catherine Shaw served twelve years (three terms) as mayor of Ashland, Oregon, and four years as a member chief of staff in the Oregon legislature. She has over two decades of campaign management experience, and has taught campaign courses at Yale, the University of California, and Southern Oregon University.

How to Use This Handbook
The Framework
The Layout
Know the Law
The Ten Commandments of Campaigning
The Cardinal Sins of Campaigning

1. Precinct Analysis: The Sinners, the Saints and the Savables
2. The Campaign Team and Volunteer Organization
3. The Campaign Brochure
4. Social Media
5. Fundraising
6. Lawn Signs
7. Targeting Voters
8. Media
9. The Candidate
10. The Issue-Based Campaign
11. Getting Out the Vote (GOTV)
12. The Campaign Plan
13. After the Ball

Appendix A
Appendix B: Campaigning on a Shoestring

“Anyone running for a local elected office will find this title a valuable resource for organizing and running a campaign.”
Library Journal

“I read The Campaign Manager while on vacation and love it. I think it’s going to help change the focus of my agency. Terrific and incredibly thorough.”
—Steve Lundin, BIGfrontier Communications Group

“I am so happy to find The Campaign Manager as there is so little written about campaigns that is actually helpful and practical. Trust me, I’ve looked there are no other helpful books but yours!”
—Ann S. Bergen, Bergen Law Offices

“An essential and ‘user-friendly’ how-to manual offering a wealth of practical advice, commentary, tips, and instructions for creating and running successful political campaigns weather they are on the local, state, or federal level.” —The Midwest Book Review

Praise for Previous Editions

“With the experience of serving as a mayor and a chief of staff in the Oregon Legislature, Shaw . . . presents a solid, comprehensive approach to managing local campaign—from observing the ‘ten commandments of campaigning’ to avoiding the ‘cardinal sins’ of electioneering. Written in as easily comprehensive and systematic approach, Shaw’s book gives the reader the vital tools and components to not just strategize but also implement a modern local campaign.” –Choice

“The fourth edition of The Campaign Manager still has the useful designs and tools you’ll use every day and enough conceptual guidelines and background to help you invent your own systems when something unpredictable happens. But the elaboration of author Cathy Shaw’s methods for Precinct Analysis, new to this edition, are the crown jewel. Her rigorous model will help you or your staff deliver more actionable and sophisticated planning than most of the hundred-million dollar Presidential campaigns of the last three decades . . . and for a lot less money. No matter how new you are to the game, Shaw will make you smarter. And no matter how experienced you are at it, there are original insights and tools that will build up your effectiveness.” —Jeff Angus, Management consultant and author of Management by Baseball; former Washington state elections committee chair for the Citizens Party

“Practical, witty, and fact-packed, this is the Bible of campaign management.” —Les AuCoin, Former nine-term U.S. Congressman, Oregon

“This is an important book for anyone interested in modern campaign management. Candidates, party activists, seasoned professionals, and budding consultants will all find wisdom in Shaw’s pages. In fact, I can’t imagine anyone heading into the campaign trenches without a copy of The Campaign Manager!” —Daniel M. Shea, Director, Center for Political Participation at Allegheny College

“Based on twenty years of experience, Shaw’s Campaign Manager is quite simply the best organizational tool for anyone seeking political office or working on an issue-based campaign.” —Mara Liasson, National Political Correspondent, NPR

“Catherine M. Shaw’s The Campaign Manager is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of modern campaigns, from strategy to understanding voter contact techniques, to fundraising, paid and earned media, to get-out-the-vote-drives, and other important topics. It gives easy-to-follow practical advice for candidates and campaigners from someone who has held office and who has run many successful elections and issue campaigns. It outlines what is needed to win elections at the local, state and national level.” —James A. Thurber, Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, American University

“This is arguably the most comprehensive, insightful, and useful compendium of local campaign wisdom ever assembled.” —Phil Keisling, former Oregon Secretary of State

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