Southeast Asia

Past and Present

D.R. SarDesai

Seventh Edition • December 23, 2012 • 464 pages

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Southeast Asia: Past and Present offers a balanced and readable account of the region from ancient to modern times, covering traditional history as well as current events. D. R. SarDesai avoids overemphasizing the importance of the period of European colonial rule as he introduces us to the regions and peoples of Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Readers will find insightful introductions and chronologies at the beginning of each part to aid in understanding the global and political implications of the events discussed. The seventh edition is thoroughly updated to offer coverage of current events, including the historic 2012 elections in Myanmar. Combining thematic and chronological approaches with the study of colonialism, nationalism, historical and cultural heritage, and current events, Southeast Asia manages to convey an Asian point of view throughout.

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D. R. SarDesai is professor emeritus of history and the former chair of South and Southeast Asian Studies at UCLA.

Part I: Cultural Heritage
1. The Land and Its People
2. Early Kingdoms in Mainland Southeast Asia
3. Early Kingdoms of Sumatra and Java
4. The Rise of New States: Ayuthaya, Majapahit, and Malacca
5. European Intrusion in the Indian Archipelago: The Early Phase
6. Mainland Southeast Asia: The Consolidations of Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam

Part II: Colonial Interlude
7. The English and Dutch in the East Indies
8. British Role in the Malay States in the Nineteenth Century
9. Pride and Paramountcy: Anglo-Burmese Relations in the Nineteenth Century
10. The French in Vietnam and Cambodia
11. Thailand Remains Independent

Part III: Nationalist Response
12. Nationalist Movements in Southeast Asia: General
13. Filipino Urge for Freedom from Spanish and U.S. Rule
14. The Nationalist Movements: Indonesia
15. The Nationalist Movements: Myanmar
16. Thailand’s Constitutional Revolution
17. The Nationalist Movements: Vietnam
18. The Nationalist Movements: Malaya, Cambodia, and Laos

Part IV: Fruits of Freedom
19. Independent Philippines
20. Myanmar: Toward Integration and Democracy
21. Thailand: Independence at Any Price
22. Indonesia: Unity Amid Diversity
23. East Timor: Birth of a New Nation
24. Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei
25. Nationalism and Communism in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos
26. Vietnam and Cambodia Under Communism

“Quite frankly, there is no textbook on the market today that compares in depth, acumen, currency, and readability.” —Arnold P. Kaminsky, California State University, Long Beach

“The seventh edition of D.R. SarDesai’s Southeast Asia . . . is an ambitious and updated study that gives the reader a sweeping and informative view of the history of the region. . . . For students of Southeast Asian history, this text offers a solid introduction to the region while providing an ample base from which to leap into more specific issues using the book’s considerable bibliography.” —Education About Asia

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