Social and Behavioral Statistics

A User-Friendly Approach

Steven P. Schacht; Jeffery E. Aspelmeier

Second Edition • February 1, 2005 • 320 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813341682 • $57.00 USD$51.50 CAN


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To the dismay of many social and behavioral science majors, successfully passing a statistics course in sociology, psychology, and most other social/behavioral science programs is required, and at many institutions statistics is becoming a university-wide requirement. In this newly revised text, the authors continue to make use of their proven stress-busting approach to teaching statistics to self-described math phobic students. This book uses humorous examples and step-by-step presentations of statistical procedures to illustrate what are often complex and hard-to-grasp statistical concepts. Students and instructors will find this text to be a helpful, easy to interpret and thoroughly comprehensive introduction to social and behavioral statistics.

  • Perfect for social and behavioral sciences upper-level undergrads fearful of that required stats course
  • Uses stress-busting features like cartoons and real-world examples to illustrate what are often complex and hard-to-grasp statistical concepts
  • Includes the newest and most necessary tools for students to master statistical skills making handouts or additional books unnecessary
  • Gives instructors and their students a compact and affordable main text for their introductory stats courses

The late Steven P. Schacht (1960-2003) was associate professor of sociology at State University of New York, Plattsburgh.

Jeffery E. Aspelmeier is in the department of psychology at Radford University in Virginia.

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Social and Behavioral Statistics: A User-Friendly Approach, Second Edition presents elementary statistics in a down-to-earth fashion that the beginning student and neophyte instructor will embrace. I know of no other text that utilizes such an intuitive approach while managing to nail down the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics. I strongly recommend it.
— David P. Keys, Associate Professor of Criminology, State University of New York, Plattsburgh

“Appropriate for an introductory statistics course, but not overwhelming…Students get just the information they need with a cheerful presentation…Math anxiety is a real phenomenon that all statistics instructors must help their students to cope with. Humor has been my best weapon to combat math anxiety. This textbook’s examples allow the class to laugh together. It’s difficult to be anxious when you are laughing…The breezy style and concise explanations can work wonders for a ‘math-anxious’ undergraduate class…You’ll enjoy your course, and your students will thank you.”
— Joseph Wayand, Assistant Professor of Psychology, DePauw University

“What a treat! This is not one of those old dry statistic books. The excellent text makes statistics interesting and doable even for a qualitative researcher such as myself. I highly recommend this text for all beginning research students regardless of discipline.”
— Juliet M. Corbin, D.N.S., co-editor of Basics of Qualitative Research: Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory

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