Rock And Roll

A Social History

Paul Friedlander

Second Edition • December 13, 2005 • 400 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813343068 • $55.00 USD$51.50 CAN


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Now updated with two new chapters and an extraordinary collection of photographs, this second edition of Paul Friedlander’s Rock and Roll: A Social History is a smash hit. The social force of rock and roll music leaps off the page as Paul Friedlander provides impressive insights based on hits from Johnny B. Goode to Smells Like Teen Spirit and beyond. In this musical journey, Friedlander offers the melodious strains and hard-edged riffs of Elvis, the Beatles, The Who, Dylan, Clapton, Hendrix, Motown, the San Francisco Beat, Punk, New Wave, rap, metal, 90’s grunge, plus file sharing, and much more. The book is written in a refreshing, captivating style that pulls the reader in, offering no less than a complete social and cultural history of rock and roll for students and general audiences alike. Friedlander writes, This book chronicles the first forty years of rock/pop music history. Picture the various musical styles as locations on a giant unfolding road map. As you open the map, you travel from place to place, stopping at each chapter to sample the artistry. Don’t forget to dress your imagination appropriately for this trip, because each genre is affected by the societal topography and climate that surround it. Enjoy your trip. We promise it will be a good one!

Dr. Paul Friedlander is Director of California State University, Chico Music Industry Program. He is author of the Encyclopedia Americana “Rock Music” entry, many book chapters and journal articles, and is past-president of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music/American Chapter. As a musician, he has sung with Pete Seeger’s Children’s Chorus at Carnegie Hall, played bluegrass banjo at southern music festivals, hit notes with New York homeboys The Chapters, played folk music in Moscow’s Gorki Park, and rock and rolled across the U.S.A.

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“Despite the omnipresence of rock and roll in our everyday lives, and no matter the range of personal, social, and political uses to which we put the music, we’ve only just begun to study it in our schools. Paul Friedlander’s Rock and Roll: A Social History comes as a significant contribution to the grassroots efforts aiming to remedy that situation. Friedlander proves a fine guide to the complex history of a cultural form that continues to renew itself and those of us who live with it on all sides.”
Warren Zanes, author of Dusty in Memphis and Vice President, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Rock and Roll: A Social History stands alone! It is far and away the best study available of the rock music mainstream, and has been made even richer, deeper, and more up-to-date in the new revised edition. Its virtues are many, but I especially appreciate Professor Friedlander’s nuanced search for meaning in the music and his sensitivity to the business aspect of the music’s art.”
Dale Cockrell, Professor of Musicology and American Studies, Vanderbilt University and President, Pa’s Fiddle Recordings, LLC

“Paul Friedlander’s Rock and Roll: A Social History has been one of the most accessible surveys of rock and roll’s development. This new edition retains its energetic coverage of rock’s early decades while updating recent events with two new chapters. It remains an informative and enjoyable introduction to the music and its social context.”
Mitchell Hall, Professor of History, Central Michigan University

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