Revisioning the Political

Feminist Reconstructions of Traditional Concepts in Western Political Theory

Edited by Nancy J Hirschmann; Christine Di Stefano

First Edition • October 8, 1996 • 304 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813386409 • $51.00 USD$86.50 CAN

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Feminist scholars have been remaking the landscape in political theory, and in this important book some of the most important feminist political theorists provide reconstructions of those concepts most central to the tradition of political philosophy. The goal is nothing less than the construction of a blueprint for a positive feminist theory.

Many of these papers are completely new; others are extensions of important earlier work; two are reprints of classic papers. The result is a progress report on the continuing feminist project to re-envision traditional political theory. As such, it constitutes essential reading not only for feminist thinkers but also for traditional philosophers and political theorists, who will need to come to terms with these contemporary critiques and re-readings.

Nancy J. Hirschmann is associate professor of political science at Cornell University. She is author of Rethinking Obligation: A Feminist Method for Political Theory as well as papers on feminist theory, political concepts, and women in the history of the Western canon.

Christine Di Stefano is associate professor of political science at the University of Washington. She is author of Configurations of Masculinity: A Feminist Perspective on Modern Political Theory and papers on autonomy, feminist postmodernism, and gender is Western political thought.

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