Reordering The World

Geopolitical Perspectives On The 21st Century

Edited by George J Demko; William Wood

Second Edition • December 4, 1998 • 352 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813334059 • $51.00 USD$49.99 CAN


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Using an integrative approach to international relations, the second edition of Reordering the World returns the “geo” to geopolitical analysis of current global issues. The contributors focus on key emerging world issues, such as spatial data technology, IGOs/NGOs, gender and world politics, boundary disputes, refugee flows, ecological degradation, and UN intervention in civil wars. They also assess the redefinition of international relations by instantaneous, worldwide financial and telecommunication linkages and explore the struggles of new multinational and nongovernmental organizations to define their roles. Using current real-world examples, this group of eminent geographers challenges the reader to rethink international relations and reorder the world political map.

George J. Demko is professor of geography at Dartmouth College. 

William B. Wood is director of the Office of the Geographer, U.S. Department of State. 

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