Race And Place

Equity Issues In Urban America

John W. Frazier; Florence Margai; Eugene Tettey-fio

First Edition • February 26, 2003 • 320 pages

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Ebook ISBN: 9780786730544 • $29.99 USD$34.99 CAN

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Racism, racial equity, and the race-place connections related to racial inequalities in the U.S. are the major themes of this book. The long history of U.S. White racism toward Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians is deeply rooted in the political, socioeconomic, and intellectual frameworks of America, permitting racial inequities to become expressed as cultural landscapes—the places where many racial minorities exist. The contemporary geographic patterns of segregation and isolation are different from those of earlier U.S. history, but are equally damning and present extremely difficult challenges for social action in a nation that will change its racial/ethnic composition dramatically during the current generation.As America changes over the next quarter century, the visible and invisible race-place inequalities that help define U.S. urban geography will continue in housing, education, employment, travel requirements, shopping choices, environmental hazards, and other living conditions. Minority groups, ever increasing in numbers, will find inequalities unacceptable. How America deals with racial inequalities will likely have consequences for all its citizens.

John Frazier is professor of Urban Geography at SUNY, Binghamton. He has published three books and numerous articles on the applied aspects of geography. He has received more than three-quarters of a million dollars in grants and contracts. In addition to being funded by EPA, NSF, and local regional agencies, Professor Frazier served as consultant to the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Division of HUD, 1994-1996 and has been recognized by many awards and distinctions.

Eugene Tettey-Fio is an assistant professor of Urban Geography at SUNY, Binghamton. Professor Tettey-Fio earned a Ph.D. from Kent State University in 1996. He served as a consultant to Geo-Health Services and taught at Kent State University before joining SUNY, Binghamton. His research interests include urban form and process in Africa and the United Sates.

Florence M. Margai is associate professor of Geography at SUNY, Binghamton. She received her Ph.D. in 1991 from Kent State University. Her research focuses on the spatial distribution of environmental pollution sources and the health impacts on residents in the host communities. She is the author or co-author of more than 20 articles in books and journals and has served as board member of the Applied Geography Conference. 

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