Politics in Chile

Socialism, Authoritarianism, and Market Democracy

Lois Hecht Oppenheim

Third Edition • January 23, 2007 • 336 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813342276 • $45.00 USD$62.50 CAN

Ebook ISBN: 9780786734269 • $29.99 USD$34.99 CAN

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The third edition of Politics in Chile provides significantly updated coverage of Chilean politics and economic development from the return to civilian rule in 1990 to the 2006 election and early administration of Socialist Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s first woman president. Lois Hecht Oppenheim focuses on recent efforts to reconstruct democratic practices and institutions, including resolving such sensitive and lingering issues as human-rights violations under Pinochet and civil-military relations. Chapters on the contemporary politics and economics under the civilian Concertación governments are largely rewritten for this edition. Rather than focusing on the “search for development,” the third edition considers in greater depth the “exceptionalism” of the Chilean economic experiment through successive stages of stability, socialism, and neoliberalism.

Lois Hecht Oppenheim is professor of political science at the University of Judaism.

Part 1 Introduction
1 An Overview of Chilean Politics

Part 2 Chile’s Experiment in Socialism and the Collapse of Democracy, 1970–1973
2 The Popular Unity’s Project: A Nonviolent Transition to Socialism
3 Overview of the Allende Years, 1970–1973: Major Issues and Political Dynamics
4 The System Collapses: Causes of the Military Coup

Part 3 Chile Under Military Rule, 1973–1989
5 The Military in Power: Creating a New Chile
6 The Neoliberal Economic Model and Its Social and Political Consequences
7 Political Opposition to Military Rule and the Reawakening of Civil Society

Part 4 Continuities and Changes in Post-Pinochet Chile: Market Democracy under the Concertación
8 Chile as an Economic Jaguar: An Evaluation of Concertación Economic Policy
9 The Long Transition Ends: Democracy Reconstructed

“A superb book which presents a thoughtful, comprehensive, and well-written analysis of the socioeconomic and political development of Chile.” —Nora Hamilton, professor of political science, USC

“The only real political text existing in paperback on Chile, an important country case.”—Edward Epstein, professor of political science, University of Utah

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