Palestine and the Palestinians

A Social and Political History

Samih K. Farsoun; Naseer Aruri

Second Edition • July 1, 2006 • 488 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813343365 • $50.00 USD$47.50 CAN

Ebook ISBN: 9780786735976 • $29.99 USD$34.99 CAN

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Palestine and the Palestinians is a sweeping social, economic, ideological, and political history of the Palestinian people, from antiquity to the Road Map to Peace. The text begins with an overview of Palestine’s place in regional and global history, followed by an in-depth discussion of Palestinian society before and after the catastrophic division of Palestine in 1948.

This second edition is thoroughly revised and updated, including entirely new chapters on the most current events and issues confronting Palestine today:

  • Palestinians in Israel;
  • The structural flaws of the Oslo Accords and their bearing on the Second Intifada;
  • Palestinian refugees and their right of return;
  • Jerusalem and its unique role for Palestine and Palestinians;
  • The diplomatic “peace process” from Camp David to the Road Map;
  • And the future of the Palestinians and two-state and single-state solutions.

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Praise for the previous edition:

”…well written, well documented, and well conceptualized – a welcome addition to the literature on the question of Palestine, and on the political economy of the Middle East.”

”…an excellent overview…”
International Journal of Middle East Studies

Library Journal

“The author’s diagnosis of the political and institutional crisis among the Palestinians in light of the Oslo Accords may be the most important part of this clearly written book.… An excellent introduction to the modern history of the Palestinians, the transformations of their troubled land, and the prospects for both.”

“A brilliant achievement. This is by far the most comprehensive analysis of the political economy of Palestine and the Palestinians in the twentieth century, based on original material rarely used by English-language scholars. Here, finally, is the transparent picture of the Arab-Israeli conflict given in full, fascinating detail.”
— Hisham Sharabi, Georgetown University, in the Times Literary Supplement

“A tour de force. This is by far the best single work on Palestine before its destruction and the Palestinians since that tragedy. It should be required reading for everyone concerned with understanding the background and future of the seemingly intractable question of Palestine.”
— Cheryl Rubenberg, Florida International University

“This informative and evocative study provides important historical background and thoughtful interpretation of the travail and achievements of the Palestinian people from a perspective that is far too little understood. A welcome contribution to our understanding of some of the most complex and troubling events of current history.”
— Noam Chomsky, MIT

“A long-awaited, comprehensive political economy of the Palestinian catastrophe. Rich in detail and unique in dissecting Israeli machinations, PLO failings, and the entrapment of the Oslo process, there is no equal to this book.”
— Elaine C. Hagopian, Simmons College

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