Modern Japan

A Historical Survey

Mikiso Hane, Louis G. Perez

Fifth Edition • July 1, 2012 • 608 pages

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Integrating political events with cultural, economic, and intellectual movements, Modern Japan provides a balanced and authoritative survey of modern Japanese history. A summary of Japan’s early history, emphasizing institutions and systems that influenced Japanese society, provides a well-rounded introduction to this essential volume, which focuses on the Tokugawa period to the present.

The fifth edition of Modern Japan is updated throughout to include the latest information on Japan’s international relations, including secret diplomatic correspondence recently disclosed on WikiLeaks. This edition brings Japanese history up to date in the post 9/11 era, detailing current issues such as: the impact of the Gulf Wars on Japanese international relations, the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear accident, the recent tumultuous change of political leadership, and Japan’s current economic and global status. An updated chronological chart, list of prime ministers, and bibliography are also included.

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The late Mikiso Hane was Szold Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at Knox College.

Louis G. Perez is Distinguished University Professor of History and Women’s and Gender Studies at Illinois State University.

1. Japan Before the Seventeenth Century
2. Establishment of the Tokugawa Bakufu
3. The Late Tokugawa Period
4. The Fall of the Tokugawa Bakufu
5. The Meiji Restoration: The New Order
6. The Continuing Meiji Revolution (I): Political Developments
7. The Continuing Meiji Revolution (II): Cultural, Economic, and Social Developments
8. Political Developments in Later Meiji
9. The Conclusion of the Meiji Era
10. The Era of Parliamentary Ascendancy (I)
11. The Era of Parliamentary Ascendancy (II)
12. The Ascendancy of Militarism
13. The Road to War
14. War and Defeat
15. The Postwar Years (I): Reform and Reconstruction
16. The Postwar Years (II): Political Developments After Independence
17. Social and Educational Developments
18. Cultural Developments

Appendix A: The Internet
Appendix B: Chronological Chart
Appendix C: List of Prime Ministers

From the previous edition:

“Since its first edition, Hane’s text has served as an excellent guide to modern Japanese history, thanks largely to the clarity of his writing, unbiased voice, and efforts to humanize the story, most notably by including the experiences of peasants, women, and other minorities too often overlooked. Perez, to his credit, has made the text even more accessible to students and general readers. Not only has he seamlessly woven in updated material and editorially improved the flow of the narrative, but his expansion of the bibliography and chronological chart and inclusion of a new section on internet sources have significantly enhanced the text’s usefulness as a resource.”—Elizabeth Dorn Lublin, Wayne State University

“Mikiso Hane, with Louis Perez’s updates, provides us once again with a text that treats the political, economic, intellectual, cultural, and, social history of Japan up to current times. Women and minorities are fully included in this readable yet detailed history of modern Japan.”—Ann M. Harrington, Loyola University Chicago

“This is a nicely crafted revised edition of Mikiso Hane’s classic textbook, Modern Japan: A Historical Survey. Through effective revisions and additional information, this book has been updated and is comprehensive and balanced. Truly a well-suited book for a semester-long course on Japan since 1600.”—Roy Hanashiro, University of Michigan, Flint

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