Medieval Art

Marilyn Stokstad

Second Edition • February 6, 2004 • 432 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813341149 • $80.00 USD$86.50 CAN


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This beautifully produced survey of over a thousand years of Western art and architecture introduces the reader to a vast period of history ranging from ancient Rome to the age of exploration. The monumental arts and the diverse minor arts of the Middle Ages are presented here within the social, religious, and political frameworks of lands as varied as France and Denmark, Spain and Turkey. Marilyn Stokstad also teaches her reader how to look at medieval art-which aspects of architecture, sculpture, or painting are important and for what reasons. Stylistic and iconographic issues and themes are thoroughly addressed with attention paid to aesthetic and social contexts. Significantly updated, this second edition of Medieval Art spans the period from the second to the fifteenth centuries and includes over 4000 illustrations, over 100 in color, detailed maps, a time-line, glossary, bibliography, and index-all in a larger 8 by 10 inch trim size.

Marilyn Stokstad is professor emerita of art history at the University of Kansas. She is the Consultative Curator of Medieval Art at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri and is the past-President of the International Center for Medieval Art and past-President of the College Art Association. She is the author of Art History, Art: A Brief History, Santiago de Compostela: In the Age of the Great Pilgrimages and a number of catalogs on medieval art, including Gardens of the Middle Ages.

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Medieval Art is more than a coffee-table browser. Stokstad’s text is hard work at times, but its impressive in both its breadth of reference and its depth of engagement with the intellectual and artistic complexities of what is now a profoundly alien age.”
The Scotsman

“Affirming Christianity as essential and western Europe as central to medieval art and building its narrative around the succession of classic western European styles, this edition embeds its narrative in a far wider world. The arts of the Byzantine, Islamic, Jewish, and Scandinavian religious traditions are illustrated and examined as they shape western European perspectives and desires; women and women’s institutions are consistently present; secular monuments claim attention; and the whole is accompanied by a rich apparatus: excellent architectural diagrams, explanatory glosses, and definitions are framed alongside the narrative text; an ample glossary, time-line and bibliography are provided at the end; and a panoply of color pictures includes objects in American collections, thus bringing the Middle Ages home to American readers. “
Annemarie Weyl Carr, University Distinguished Professor of Art History, Southern Methodist University

“Between these covers the artistic landscape of Europe and the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages is elegantly portrayed. Balanced with an intelligent, historical, and cultural grounding, Marilyn Stokstad has created an enduring work. “
Charles Little, Curator of Medieval Art and The Cloisters, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

“Marilyn Stokstad’s animated text brings medieval art and architecture to life with an uncompromising focus on the works themselves. Written by a brilliant teacher, the new edition of Medieval Art combines insightful visual analysis with useful historical and cultural background. She has the knack of relating details of style to larger issues in a way that help today’s students make sense of this complex period. Sidebars provide fascinating nuggets of information on topics from Timber Construction Techniques to Guillaume de Machaut. Her straightforward organization, including most major monuments and some less familiar personal favorites, provides a solid foundation for courses in medieval art without imposing an idiosyncratic structure, leaving instructors free to develop their own approaches.“
Ruth E. Kolarik, N.E.H. Distinguished Teaching Professor, Colorado College

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