Introduction to Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Ray Physics

Pierre Sokolsky

First Edition • January 30, 2004 • 224 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813342122 • $55.00 USD$51.50 CAN


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Cosmic ray physics has recently attracted a great deal of attention from the high energy physics community because of the discovery of new sources and the advent of new techniques. The result of a series of lectures prepared for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, this book is a general introduction to experimental techniques and results in the field of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays. It succinctly summarizes the rapidly developing field, and provides modern results that include data from newer detectors. Combining experiment and theory, the text explores the results of a single, easy-to-understand experiment to tie together various issues involved in the physics of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays.

Pierre Sokolsky is Professor at the University of Utah. His research interests include the study of the origins and composition of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, the cosmic ray spectrum, composition and anisotropy, and the search for point sources of neutral cosmic rays.

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