Group Performance and Interaction

Craig D Parks; Lawrence J Sanna

First Edition • November 18, 1998 • 296 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813333205 • $51.00 USD$49.99 CAN


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Unlike clinical psychologists, social psychologists examine the group as a vehicle for interaction and performance. They are interested in such topics as how groups make decisions, how working with others influences individual performance, and how conflict arises and is resolved within and between groups.

Group Performance and Interaction is the first textbook to address the many recent changes in the field of groups and group decisionmaking from a social psychological perspective. Incorporated in this introductory survey are the latest developments in groups research as well as discussions on computers and groups, groups in the workplace, and jury decisionmaking. The topics — touching on the disciplines of social and industrial/organizational psychology — are developed around the twin themes of interaction and performance, or groups engaged in activities.

Students of psychology, communications, and management, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, will find Group Performance and Interaction to be an invaluable text.

Craig D. Parks is associate professor of psychology at Washington State University and the coauthor of Social Dilemmas (Westview Press, 1996).

Lawrence J. Sanna is associate professor of psychology at Washington State University.

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