Globalizing Feminist Bioethics

Crosscultural Perspectives

Rosemarie P. Tong; Gwen Anderson; Aida Santos-Maranan

First Edition • November 1, 2000 • 384 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813366159 • $50.00 USD$44.99 CAN


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Globalizing Feminist Bioethics is a collection of new essays on the topic of international bioethics that developed out of the Third World Congress of the International Association of Bioethics in 1996. Rosemarie Tong is the primary editor of this collection, in which she, Gwen Anderson, and Aida Santos look at such international issues as female genital cutting, fatal daughter syndrome, use of reproductive technologies, male responsibility, pediatrics, breast cancer, pregnancy, and drug testing.

Rosemarie Tong is a Distinguished Professor of Health Care Ethics in the Department of Philosophy and Center for Professional Applied Ethics at the University of North Carolina.

Gwen Anderson, R.N., Ph.D. is a Research Associate and faculty member of the Social Sciences Division, Ethics and Law at the Shriver Center for Mental Retardation, Inc.

Aida Santos is affiliated with the Institute for Women’s Studies at the University of the Philippines.

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