Expect Miracles

Charter Schools and the Politics of Hope and Despair

Kristina Berger; Peter W. Cookson Jr

First Edition • August 1, 2003 • 208 pages

Print ISBN: 9780813341569 • $35.00 USD$40.50 CAN

Ebook ISBN: 9780786742615 • $22.99 USD$26.99 CAN


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Charter schools are the most significant educational experiment in the last two decades. In Expect Miracles, Peter W. Cookson, Jr. and Kristina Berger focus on the current trend toward deregulation in public education. The issue of deregulation is of critical importance because the spirit of entrepreneurship that is behind deregulation is seldom examined from a sociological perspective. Using the latest research as the basis for discussion, this book provides a fresh look at the growing and politically volatile charter school movement. The authors present the most balanced analysis to date of the movement that is changing the landscape of American education.

Peter W. Cookson, Jr., is senior research associate in the Department of Sociology at New York University.

Caroline Hodges Persell is professor and chairperson in the Department of Sociology at New York University.

Kristina Berger has worked in New York City’s educational and nonprofit sector for more than ten years, and is currently the Director of Planning and Grants at the national office of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation in New York City. Berger holds a Masters Degree in Sociology of Education and Education Policy from Columbia University’s Teachers College, and BA degrees in History and Political Science from Northwestern University.

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