Critical Issues in Homeland Security

A Casebook

James D. Ramsay, Linda A. Kiltz

First Edition • January 7, 2014 • 384 pages

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Critical Issues in Homeland Security: A Casebook encourages analytical and careful examination of practical homeland security problems through the presentation of contemporary cases involving major state or national events. Case studies demonstrate the complexity of challenges within the domain of homeland security policy and administration. Editors James D. Ramsay and Linda Kiltz carefully curated fourteen cases, all from top scholars and practitioners, to cover a broad range of legal, policy, and operational challenges within the field of homeland security. Timely and interesting cases on such issues as arctic security, the use of drones in targeted killings, cyber security, and the emergency management lessons of the 2010 Haiti earthquake give students a deeper understanding of the relationship between the theories and the practices of homeland security. Discussion questions at the end of each case and an online instructor’s manual make Critical Issues in Homeland Security an even more effective learning tool for any homeland security program.


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James D. Ramsay is a certified safety professional as well as professor and chair of the Department of Security Studies and International Affairs at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Former homeland security program coordinator, Dr. Ramsay has taught a number of courses on homeland security. He is also the coauthor, with Keith Logan, of Introduction to Homeland Security (Westview Press).

Linda Kiltz is director of the master’s programs in public administration, public policy, and science in nonprofit management and leadership at Walden University. Dr. Kiltz is the author of numerous articles in the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Homeland Security Affairs Journal, and Journal of Homeland Security Education.

Part I – Legal and Policy Challenges in Homeland Security

1. Law and Policy
Case 1: Use of Drones in Targeted Killings: The Case of Al-Awlaki, Tobias T. Gibson Case 2: Presidential Declarations of Disaster Decisions: The Case of Turndowns, Richard Sylves

2. Terrorism
Case 1: Terrorist or Eco-saboteur: The Case of Briana Waters, Linda Kiltz
Case 2: The 1993 WTC Bombing: A Success or a Failure for the FBI?, Linda Kiltz

3. Environmental Security
Case 1: Arctic Security – Oil, Polar Bears, Melting Ice Caps and U.S. National Security, James Ramsay and John Lanicci
Case 2: Hurricane Katrina and the Security Implications of Natural Disasters, John Lanicci & James Ramsay

Part II – Operational Challenges in Homeland Security

4. Intelligence
Case 1: The Attack on Mumbai, India, Steve Young
Case 2: Using a Principal Agent in Intelligence Collection in Afghanistan, Steve Young

5. Critical Infrastructure Protection
Case 1: Catastrophic Pandemic: Cases in Ethical Decision Making, Linda Kiltz
Case 2: Impact of Cyber Security on CIP: The Advanced Persistent Threat, Gary Kessler

6. Transportation Security
Case 1: The Howard Street Tunnel Fire (Baltimore), Francis L. Edwards
Case 2: The Impact of the 9/11 WTC attacks on Transportation, Francis L. Edwards

7. Emergency Management
Case 1: The San Bruno Gas Pipeline Explosion, David McEntire
Case 2: Lessons Learned from the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, Joshua Kelly & David McEntire

Praise for Critical Issues in Homeland Security by eds. James Ramsay and Linda A. Kiltz

Critical Issues in Homeland Security provides a comprehensive, practical framework and approach for helping students critically think about a variety of current issues and topics in the emerging discipline of homeland security. It includes consideration of the relationship between homeland security focused on the threat of terrorism and emergency management related to natural or technological hazards, along with the important issue of environmental security which is lacking in most other publications.” —Phillip Schertzing, Michigan State University

“This important book fills a gap in the academic literature by offering an opportunity for students to master key homeland security and emergency management subject matter through the practical consideration of case studies.” —Jeff Bumgarner, University of Minnesota, Crookston

Critical Issues in Homeland Security is an excellent resource on the all-hazards approach to disasters, be they natural, manmade, or terrorist in nature. The text provides comprehensive dissection of the subject matter, well supported and thought provoking arguments, and challenging discussion questions with which to engage students.” —Bruce Liebe, MacMurray College

Critical Issues in Homeland Security provides in-depth case studies of real events that will challenge students’ thinking about law, policy, war, peace, preparedness, and the appropriate response of a free society to threats at home and abroad.” —Pamela Everett, Wayne State College

“This casebook brings an array of new cases to the field of homeland security. It includes two particularly strong chapters: ‘Presidential Declaration of Disaster Decisions’ and ‘Howard Street Tunnel Fire (Baltimore).’” —CHOICE

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