A Concise History of the Middle East

Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. with Aomar Boum

Eleventh Edition • July 7, 2015 • 524 pages

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An introduction to the history of this turbulent region from the beginnings of Islam to the present day, this widely acclaimed text by Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. is distinguished by its clear style, broad scope, and balanced treatment. A Concise History of the Middle East explores the evolution of Islamic institutions and culture, the influence of the West, the modernization efforts of Middle Eastern governments, the struggle of various peoples for political independence, the Arab–Israeli conflict, the reassertion of Islamic values and power, the issues surrounding the Palestinian Question, and the post-9/11 Middle East.

The eleventh edition has been fully revised to reflect the most recent events in, and concerns of, the region, including an expanded and more nuanced discussion of the “War on Terrorism” and the Arab uprisings, coverage of the rise of ISIS, and a new chapter on the growing environmental problems of the region. In addition, the authors have incorporated new scholarship on the early history to provide a fuller picture of the political shifts and socioeconomic concerns of that time. With updated bibliographical sketches, chronology and glossary, A Concise History of the Middle East remains an essential text for students of Middle East history.

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Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. is professor emeritus of Middle East history at Penn State University. He is the author of Modern Egypt: The Formation of a Nation-State, and the recipient of the Amoco Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching and the 2000 Middle East Studies Association Mentoring Award.

Aomar Boum is associate professor of anthropology at UCLA.

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1. Introduction
2. The Middle East Before Muhammad
3. The First Muslim Revolution
4. The Early Arab Conquests
5. The High Caliphate
6. Shi‘ites and Turks, Crusaders and Mongols
7. Islamic Civilization
8. Firearms, Slaves, and Empires
9. European Interests and Imperialism
10. Westernizing Reform in the Nineteenth Century
11. The Rise of Nationalism
12. The Roots of Arab Bitterness
13. Modernizing Rulers in the Independent States
14. Egypt and the Fertile Crescent Under European Control
15. The Contest for Palestine
16. Israel’s Rebirth and the Rise of Arab Nationalism
17. War and the Quest for Peace
18. The Reassertion of Islamic Power
19. The Gulf War and the Peace Process
20. The War on Terrorism
21. In the Season of Arab Discontent
22. Changing Middle Eastern Environments: Issues, Risks and Sustainability

Appendix 1: Basic Statistics for Middle Eastern Countries
Appendix 2: Muslim Sects: Major Schools, Notable Branches

“I have been using this text for my two-semester survey course for over 20 years. My students appreciate that the authors talk to them, not at them. The book’s engaging prose, with extensive, but not overwhelming detail, is critical in helping students who may be questioning previous assumptions and are now embarking on new discoveries.” —Dr. Steven A. Glazer, Graceland University

Praise for the Tenth Edition:

“I think that Art Goldschmidt’s original idea for a readable textbook on a hard subject has put A Concise History of the Middle East in a class of its own. It is very simply the best and easiest way to comprehend Middle Eastern history as a whole.”
—T. Hunt Tooley, Austin College

A Concise History of the Middle East is a studious and scholarly delve into history and the explorations of culture…a vital read.”
—The Midwest Book Review, January 2013

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