Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction


Fourth Edition • July 30, 2013 • 440 pages

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Student Economy Edition available. Feminist Thought is a clear, comprehensive, and incisive introduction to the major traditions of feminist theory, from liberal feminism, radical feminism, and Marxist and socialist feminism to care-focused feminism, psychoanalytic feminism, women of color feminisms, and ecofeminism. The fourth edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded.  The chapter on multiculturalism was renamed Women of Color Feminisms and significantly updated, revised, and expanded by Tina Fernandes Botts of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The revisions also include a new section on existentialism as it relates to postmodern feminism, and a new conclusion that contemplates third-wave feminism and the future directions of feminist theory.  Learning tools such as the new end-of-chapter discussion questions, and the bibliography, organized by topics within chapters, make Feminist Thought an essential resource for students and thinkers who want to understand the theoretical origins and complexities of contemporary feminist debates. About the Student Economy Edition Buy Feminist Thought, Student Economy Edition: amazon • barnes & noble This affordably-priced Student Economy Edition of Feminist Thought is available for purchase for about the same price as renting. Professors! Copy and paste the ISBN and pricing information into your syllabus. Your students can buy these books at the campus bookstore or their favorite online retailers. 9780813350233 $18.99 US $23.99 CAN Learn more about Westview Press’s Student Economy Editions and see a full list of available titles.